Is Pool Maintenance Difficult?

A common misconception about getting a new pool built is that the pool maintenance will take up a lot of your time. But this isn’t true! The key is consistence. By being consistent and having the right equipment, you don’t need to invest much time at all to keep you swimming pool clean year round.

I often tell clients if they spend 10 minutes a week on regular pool maintenance – that’s pretty much all they will need to do on a continuous basis.

pool maintenance - leaf skimming

Credit: House Solutions

The 10 minutes can be broken up into:

  •  Emptying and checking skimmer and pump baskets
  • Skimming large leaf matter and debris off of the pool surface
  • Checking the dosing equipment
  • Adding salt and replacing the acid drum  if required
  • Dropping the robotic pool cleaner into the pool
  • Backwashing the filter

If you commit to a measly 10 minutes every week, you will have absolutely no problem keeping your pool clean and free to enjoy anytime you want!