What is a salt chlorinator?

A Salt chlorinator generate chlorine through converting salt in solution in your pool water into the oxidising agent chlorine. Chlorine in turn acts to kill any organic matter in the water – such as algae, bacteria etc. Historically chlorine has been used as an oxidising agent and is still added to drinking water to kill water borne pathogens. Salt chlorinators afford a simple, cost effective proven method of dispensing and sanitizing pool water without some of the noxious and deleterious effects of handling chlorine based compounds.

Zodiac’s top of the range TRiChlor Pro Salt Chlorinator is our choice salt chlorinator and has the added benefits of testing the water for sanitiser concentration and dispensing the required amounts  –  automatically; also PH is tested for and controlled with acid being automatically dispensed. The control units feature system diagnostics and timers to run your filtration cycles etc.

Zodiac Tri Series Salt Chlorinator

For more information on this product, check out the Tri Chlorinator Info Sheet.