Best pool equipment brands?

We exclusively use Zodiac pool equipment who have offered us Platinum dealership status. As such Zodiac have given us great pricing which we can pass onto customers.

Zodiac pool equipment logo

Zodiac make a wide range of pool equipment and have bought out a couple of American Super Premium equipment suppliers including Jandy, Clearwater and Caretaker to provide a comprehensive range of pool products. As such our customers only have to deal with one company for pool equipment warranty and ongoing service requirements should it arise. Also there is great complementarity between the whole of Zodiacs pool equipment range – for instance the Jandy Ilink pool control system can change the colour of the pool lights in your pool from your hand held smart phone or tablet. This might seem like a first world excess, but the same was probably said of remote controls for TV’ s in the 80’s.

There are a number of reputable pool equipment suppliers within the pool industry – we know Zodiac are one of them. And we don’t want to over simplify any argument on this subject by saying they are the best.

At the very least they have a product range that is as comprehensive as any of the other equipment suppliers, robust and backed up by great after sales service and warranty.

Be wary of any alternate claims as to a stand-out pool equipment supplier by other pool builders. Many such claims are often baseless and usually sponsored by which equipment supplier is offering the cheapest prices to the said builder.