Courtyard Pools

Like plunge pools and boundary pools, Courtyard Pools are small, customisable and space efficient. They are a great choice for confined spaces.

Courtyard Pools act as a centrepiece for enclosed garden areas and generally serve as an extension to your home. They can be very versatile, acting as a spa with jets one minute, to a small swim spa with swim jets for resistance and exercise. Being small and such a focal point, many people choose to add some flare with lighting and higher quality tiling and surrounds.

Momentum Pools is committed to delivering a pool that you will absolutely love. With over 40 years of experience, we are well versed in small pools and how important they are as a focal point in a courtyard.

Different Scale, Different Design

Due to limited size, courtyard pools are designed with different features and uses in mind.

While larger pools generally have a sloped floor creating a deep and shallow end, courtyard pools are usually built with a flat bottom, as their uses mostly consist of relaxation and light entertainment.

Efficient Even in Winter

Like plunge pools, heating and maintaining courtyard pools is both cheaper and easier. Smaller bodies of water require less time to heat up, and less chemicals to maintain, allowing you to use your pool all year round.

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