Glass Edge Pools

Some people build pools to relax in. Some build pools to entertain people. Some build pools to exercise in.

Some people build pools for the absolute “wow” factor.

Glass edge pools definitely fall into the last category. If you are looking for a focal point in your backyard that says “I have awesome taste” then look no further. While this kind of feature is premium and will cost some dollars, it is one of the absolute greatest ways to show your style and personality. The only step up from here is a Negative Edge pool. But that’s another story.

Creating a unique pool is Momentum Pools’ goal. Something that you can come home to and be proud of. Glass edge features can be applied to any number of pools, providing at least one edge is above ground. Sloped properties are ideal for glass edges, but they can be incorporated in any above ground concrete pool.

An Engineering Challenge

Building a pool with a glass edge can be a challenging task. Luckily, we have 40 years of experience dealing with this stuff. The main problem to overcome is the structural integrity of the pool. The supporting walls need to be strong, and straight rather than curved. This can limit other design desires for your pool, but we think it’s worth it.

Glass or Acrylic?

Both glass and acrylic turn up fantastic results. But one costs more than the other.

Acrylic is easy to work with and will allow you to use one large piece for the full glass edge. However it is very expensive.

Glass on the other hand is much cheaper, but will need to be put together with multiple panels that make up the whole feature wall.

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