Plunge Pools

In recent times, Plunge pools are increasing in popularity, mainly due to limited space on properties with smaller backyards and larger houses.

Very small in size (some 2m x 2m), plunge pools are not as deep as standard in-ground pools and offer a quick dip and place to relax. Unlike lap pools, you will not be using these for any extreme exercise!

Concrete plunge pools are typically built within close proximity to the building and sometimes along the property boundary, thus demanding attention and an interestingly designed surrounding. Momentum Pools works closely with our clients to make sure their new plunge pool is packed full of that ever-desired “wow” factor.

Add-ons Galore

Since plunge pools are so small (thus mostly cheaper than full sized concrete pools) you may feel the desire to tack on a few extras or spend a little more on high quality finishes such as glass tiles or premium pavers. In no time you could have a small but premium looking plunge pool ready to entertain and relax!

Easy To Maintain

Again, due to the small size of plunge pools, they are very low maintenance. They are easily covered, and cleaning takes minimal time from your day. Being a smaller body of water, some choose to gas heat their plunge pool to extend it’s usage past the Summer months. The amount of heating and chemicals required is much less than a full sized pool, and thus relatively inexpensive to maintain.

For a much more in-depth look, check out our Plunge Pools Overview.

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