Property Boundary Pools

You may believe that your property simply is not big enough for a pool, but similarly to plunge pools, property boundary pools are becoming increasingly popular with smaller backyards and larger houses.

Space in the suburbs can be very tight. Building your pool right up against the property boundary guarantees and absolute efficiency in used space.

Using concrete, we are able to create unique and interesting pools right about against the property boundary and fully utilise otherwise forgotten corners of your backyard. Momentum Pools is committed to delivering a pool that not only reflects the design of your home, but compliments your personality as well.

Small But Premium

Running a pool along the property boundary means that your pool is likely to be fairly small. But with smaller size comes a cheaper pool, allowing you to choose premium finishes like glass tiles as well as beautiful pool surrounds and structures.

Small Pool, Small Effort

Having such a small pool comes with great benefits. Cleaning, maintaining and heating your pool is simple and does not take up much of your time. Heaters do not need to be as powerful or run as long to heat up. Running the heating during the cooler seasons of the year is more cost effective than a large pool.

You have the ability to enjoy the full benefits of a pool in your yard without the concern of taking up valuable space.

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