Testimonial from Peter, Anna and the kids

We researched widely, attended the Pool / Spa show, had multiple quotes and even spoke to the proprietor of the local pool shop. WE wanted someone who would provide a comprehensive service including the pool and spa we wanted, pool paving surround and fencing detail. To say we were a little naïve about the process was an understatement: the first quote we got off a company we heard advertising on the radio tried to get us to agree to a project valued at $60,000 after a 1 hour discussion – “I couldn’t believe it”; other companies who quoted the project couldn’t offer the comprehensive service we wanted –nor seemed willing to invest the time and refine the detail with us; Dominic from Momentum Pools walked through the site with us and seemed to come pre-prepared with a series of questions and ideas that really got us thinking about not just what we wanted ( – we wanted a pool!), but what we needed and would use. WE ended up with a slightly smaller pool ( – leaving according to Dominic, “more backyard for the kids to use 12 months of the year and not just in swimming season”); a much smaller pool paving surround ( – Dom’s “pool builders phrase”) which I think was a better use of space we would never have considered; please note this bravery and willingness to cede to the direction of others was infinitely easier as Dom, drew it all into a 3D design program which seemed to be a revelation after listening to the words and crude hand drawn sketches offered by others. And finally I wouldn’t have bothered writing this if they didn’t back up the great concepts and ideas – with old fashioned “hands on tools”, building and service. Thank you.

- Peter, Anna and the kids


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