What does a pool REALLY cost?

For starters just use our pool Price Calculator. A well finished and appointed concrete in-ground swimming pool will start from about $40,000. Our pool price calculator contains a range of pricing reflective on pool sizes.

This may seem high – but we include as standard 3D pool designs and site layouts, solar heating, variable speed pumps, LED pool lights (at least 2), all excavation costs, auto testing and dosing chlorinators, 300mm waterline and step edge tiles etc.

The pools we sell as our entry level pools have all the features you would want so your pool is user friendly.

We don’t under specify our pools. We think our customers want a well built pool with the best functionality they can afford – and this starts from $40,000 when you deal with us.

Cheap level concrete pool

This is an example of an entry level in-ground pool we built in Malvern for a retired couple: 7m x 3m with solar heating, LED pool lights, salt chlorination,etc. The pool is fitted with 300mm waterline tiles and fine finish pebble interior and was completed for $42K.

If you need more information about how much a pool costs with us, feel free to ask us!