Why would I build a pool?

If you have kids or grandchildren then building a pool is a no-brainer. Kids and families love pools on hot summer days. In fact it’s hard to beat having a swim in your own in-ground pool in the withering summer heat.

Kids playing in a hard plastic pool

A pool is a pool – no matter how humble. Check out the smiles on the kids’ faces.

If you view your home as a bit of a show-piece, then a well designed pool is the perfect focal point to highlight your taste – a phenomenon borne witness to over and over again in any architectural or home design magazine.

Swimming is known to be extremely good for your health. Check out this Time article which outlines some of the benefits you can enjoy from your new pool!

Swimming pools are first world excesses – if you have the spare cash (or can borrow it like most do) and like to reward / spoil yourself and your family then… why not?