Is owner-building worth it?

Some people choose to avoid using a pool builder and instead take charge of the process themselves. This is an option likely to save money if everything goes well. But…there are no warranties, etc. to fall back on and what’s the chance of everything going right?

Often the homeowner and would-be pool builder will rely on a singular pool contractor to coordinate the works and recommend the associated trades required. Again this is a flawed method. If the nominated contractor can build in-ground pools or coordinate a project like a qualified pool builder, how come he doesn’t have his own pool building company? Often the answer comes back to the contractor not having the necessary skill set or resources required, including: a building licence, builders warranty insurance etc.

Installing the pool plumbing

The average pool builder charges a margin of approximately 25% of the value of the works as the gross profit on the job. Often this figure is reduced greatly by cost overruns, etc.

So how much can you save by owner-building your pool? At best I think you can save 25% – but you will most likely only save a small fraction of the cost, whilst almost certainly building a product compromised by a lack of experience and professional consideration – with absolutely no external warranties on completed works.