Brighton Pools

Here at Momentum Pools, we design and build numerous pools throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and Southern suburbs, and all the way down to the Mornington Peninsula. Our main goal is to create pools that not only fit the brief, but represent their new owner’s personality.

Our client base is largely made up of young families with a desire to invest in quality of life. They wish to have a new swimming pool installed that their children can enjoy and grow up with fond memories of splashing around and accidental belly flops. It is a part of the Australian experience that we have grown to know and love – fun times in the pool with friends, far removed from a WiFi signal.

In recent years, suburbs like Brighton are bringing in more and more new young families who want to improve their lifestyle, not only for themselves, but their kids too.

Thirty years ago it would have been unusual for these suburbs to have residences with pools, as most families were working to middle class. But with this new generation of young building professionals, these places are becoming renewed with increased value in homes and extensions, most of which include swimming pools.

Below are some great examples of our Brighton pools.

Relaxing Brighton Pool

Photo of a pool in Brighton

A good pool is one that you can relax in. This Brighton pool is perfect for friends and family to come around and lounge in after lunch.


The pool features full length bench seating which wraps around the spa to join onto the steps for continuity and a pleasing design.
The spa in the front of the pool offers more seating and a place to sit down and relax with a drink. Inside the pool is covered with bright blue tiles which complements the green of the gardens and makes the area that much more inviting.

Surrounding the pool is a concrete walkway which leads to an area for lounge chairs where swimmers can take a break and catch some sun.

In a family situation, glass fencing is a must as it offers parents the opportunity to keep an eye on their kids in the pool while they can focus on whatever chores they need to, as well as removing any barriers in the garden that you would get with a traditional solid fence. This keeps the yard looking more open and flowing, making it feel somehow larger.

Take a look at more photos and specifications here.

Modern Brighton Pool

This next Brighton pool screams modernism. The pool/spa combo is a testament the modern look of the house that it sits next to.

The pool features a long sweeping curved corner which matches the curve of the wall on the second floor balcony, and leads to the full length bench seat on the other side. The raised spa creates a staggering effect which mimics that of the house behind it.

Sky blue tiles create a great pop of colour, complementing the warm wooden panels of the home. Glass fencing creates the illusion of space and keeps the whole entertaining area connected between swimming and sitting areas.

The surrounding concrete path blends into the different shades of grey found on the house itself, which furthermore ties the design between the two. This pool truly is an extension of the modern home it resides in.

For more information and images of this Brighton pool, take a look here.

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