Pool Sanitation Systems – What We Recommend

Pool sanitation systems are how swimming pool water is disinfected or kept in a healthy and usable condition for swimming. Most pool sanitation systems are based around oxidising agents like chlorine. These agents chemically render water-borne pathogens, such as germs.

Traditional Pool Sanitation Systems (Salt Water Chlorinators)

Historically, chlorine and chlorine generator systems like salt water chlorinators, have been used for sanitising pool water. Chlorine is the most widely used sanitation method for drinking water and treatment of wastewater. Chlorine is noxious and dangerous (but then again, so are hydrogen peroxide, bromide, and UV light systems). However, these these dangerous chemicals and systems of sanitation delivery are required to kill any potentially unhealthy pathogens in your swimming pool water.

A simple salt water chlorination system uses the most wide spread and effective sanitation chemical – chlorine. This is a cost effective and reliable method of sanitation. Additionally, this technology has the ability to monitor and regulate sanitation output. Such salt water chlorine generators have been around for over 20 years and are still the most widely used technology.

pool spa combo with pool sanitation systems“Natural” Pool Sanitation Systems

Just as everything ‘organic’ or living isn’t necessarily advantageous to us, similarly, we shouldn’t avoid all chemicals.

The modern trend demonises chemicals and praises “natural systems.” However, in practice, “natural” systems of sanitation aren’t compatible with modern swimming pools.

So called “fresh water pools” or “natural pools” are rarely practical. They are only possible with vast volumes of water, cold water temps and low bathing loads. Such conditions are rarely preferred in suburban backyard pools.

Proven and effective sanitation systems are best for active families. This is because they suit small water volumes, high water temps and high bathing loads which are seen in the majority of suburban family pools.

Many of the new sanitation systems on the market use buzzwords like “mineral pools,” “fresh-water” and “chemical free.” It is the marketing departments, not the R&D departments that dream up such terms.  In choosing a sanitation system for your swimming pool, the most important consideration should be the effectiveness of the system, along with the practical usability for your family (e.g. allergies).