Hampton Pools

Here at Momentum Pools, we design and build numerous pools throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and Southern suburbs, and all the way down to the Mornington Peninsula.

The majority of our customer base is made up of young families who want to invest in quality of life. They want to have a new pool installed so that their kids can enjoy the quintessentially Australian outdoor lifestyle that our country has grown to know and love. The local pool was the hub of activity – laughter, belly flops and pin drops – far removed from a WiFi signal.

In recent years, well established suburbs like Hampton are forming job clusters, allowing new families to move into these high value areas which border historically wealthy suburbs like Brighton, Glen Iris and Mt Eliza.

Thirty years ago it was unusual for these new aspirational suburbs to have residences with pools as they were made up of working or middle class families. Now, a new generation of young professionals have renewed these suburbs with high value homes and extensions, often including pools. 

Below are some examples of our Hampton pools.

Spacious Hampton Pool

A photo of another one of our Hampton pools.

Most people will sit in a pool to fully relax and unwind. This pool features a full length bench seat which can cater for numerous guests, while being complemented by full width steps for easy access that continues from the bench seat and adds continuity to the design. The glass fencing ensures an open, spacious feeling is maintained in the garden, while the light blue interior tiles compliment the greenery and keep the mood bright. This is a great example of our Hampton pools.

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Contrasting Hampton Pool

A photo of one of our Hampton pools.

This pool features a light coloured pool interior, timber batons and decking to soften and prevent a closed in feeling from it being hemmed in by the home and property boundaries while adding contrast to the dark rendered wall. It utilises large format bluestone paving on the near side and a polished concrete raised plinth and paved surround. There is a full width step at the head of the pool to match the opposing bench seat at the other end.

Have a look at more photos and details here.

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