Concrete Pools

Momentum Pools prides themselves on their ability to create memorable, unique concrete pool designs that reflect your personality and make the statement that you want to make.

Unlike fibreglass, Concrete is extremely versatile when it comes to building pools. Take a look at some of the types of concrete pools that we can create for you.

an in-ground concrete pool

In-ground Pools

More young families are opting to install in-ground concrete pools for their quality and aesthetic appeal.

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Spas are a great addition to any home where entertaining is a regular occurrence.

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Lap Pools

Lap pools are great for keeping in shape. With their long form factor, they are a great option for limited space areas.

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Plunge Pools

With property’s getting smaller, many people are opting to get plunge pools to save on space while still have a place to dip and relax.

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Property Boundary Pools

For homes with extremely little space for pools, they may not have considered building a concrete pool right along their property boundary!

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Glass Edge Pools

Looking for that extra “wow” factor? Glass edge pools are surely a feature piece to impress visitors.

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Infinity Pools

People with impressive views and sloped properties will often choose to install an infinity pool. The edge of the water bleeds into a spectacular view.

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Courtyard Pools

If you want to spruce up your existing courtyard area, consider a concrete pool!

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Indoor Pools

Indoor pools can be enjoyed year round. They take less power to heat and chemicals to maintain, making them a great low maintenance pool option.

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