Hughesdale Pools

At Momentum Pools, we design and build numerous pools throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and Southern suburbs, and all the way down to the Mornington Peninsula.

The majority of our customer base is made up of young families who want to invest in quality of life. They want to have a new pool installed so that their kids can enjoy the quintessentially Australian outdoor lifestyle that our country has grown to know and love. The local pool was the hub of activity – laughter, belly flops and pin drops – far removed from a WiFi signal.

In recent years, well established suburbs like Hughesdale are forming job clusters for new families to move into these high value areas which border historically wealthy suburbs.

Thirty years ago it was unusual for these aspirational suburbs to have residences with pools as they were made up of working or middle class families. Now, a new generation of young professionals have renewed these suburbs with high value homes and extensions, often including pools. 

Below are some examples of our Hughesdale pools.

Family Hughesdale Pool

This Hughesdale pool is one of the few that we have built along both the property and home boundaries. It was built exactly to the customer’s tastes. The pool features a full width bench seat which wraps right around to join onto the entry steps, giving the family the choice to relax wherever they are in the pool after some fun splashing around. Stepping stones in the same light grey tiles as the pool surround border the edge that meets the lawn, creating a very pleasing aesthetic and ties the pool area in with the rest of the yard. Overall, the customer was very happy with the final result.

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Entertainer’s Hughesdale Pool

This next pool also meets the property boundary. Built for a young family, the pool suits their needs perfectly. It is small enough to leave some lawn in their yard, and leads seamlessly into a covered entertainment area which makes it fantastic for entertaining friends and family. The light grey tiles really stand out next to the charcoal fences and the blue tiles within the pool with the greenery along the boundary really pop to create a great splash of colour in the backyard. The pool is a very simple rectangular design with one full length step and bench seat combination at one end – perfect for a small family to have some fun on a nice day.

Have a look at more photos and details here.

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