Filling your pool

How much does it cost to fill a pool?

The average suburban in-ground pool with a surface area of 25sqm starts off by containing approx 38,000L of water. By the time the local regulatory authorities apply their charges of approximately $4 per 1000L, the cost would be around $150 of water.

Try our Cost Calculator below to get an estimate.

Water Loss due to Evaporation

pool cover

A pool cover can reduce water loss due to evaporation.

In terms of water loss, your pool should only lose water in the peak summer season from mid November through to mid March. On average, evaporation will lead to a lose of approximately 5 – 10mm of water per day.

This means a total water loss for the period of summer should be:

120 days x 25 sqm  x 0.005 m/0.01m = 15 – 30cm of water or 15,000 – 30,000L.

Whilst this figure seems high, Melbourne’s reasonably high rainfall will offset this by an average of 250 mm for the 120 days or approx 9,500 L of water.

Consequently, this means the average in-ground pool will need a net water input of approx 5000 – 20,000L of water for the year or approx $20 – $80 of water.

However, you can greatly reduce water loss by installing a pool cover. We recommend Sunbather’s hidden pool covers.