How long does a pool build take?

Not how long… but how quick!

The formal documentation process for your in-ground pool can only get under way when a signed contract is in place. From this point it can take anywhere from a week to a month to get a permit.  Even up to 6 months if you require planning authority approval.

Once the permit to build your pool is in place, we believe you should be swimming in your pool within 8 weeks (unless we have indicated otherwise or there are hold-ups in relation to supply of product, completion of other adjoining works or a completed pool fence etc.).

Out of peak periods (October – January) we guarantee completion of all pools commenced within an allocated scheduled block of time. If the pools aren’t completed by us within the 40 working day window nominated  – we offer to pay damages against the contract to the client. (Please note conditions apply, with any wet weather days or days over 35 degrees being added to time frame. This is the same for lagging progress payments, limitations to site access and special order items specified by the client.)

If we build the in-ground pool, surrounding paving slab and glass fence, we can ensure continuity of works and 40 working day completion times.