What about spas?

As a general rule we design all of our spas with one or all of the following design features:

  • Designated Jet pumps and plumbing 
  • Blower grids in floor of spa operated by 6 amp blower. (Please note we fit 8 x 25 mm outlets in spa floor, not one or two.)
  • Large capacity 420MJ gas heater
  • Full width spillways – where possible (See an example image here)
  • Fully tiling
  • Tri-link control systems
Tiled spa with pool

A fully tiled spa. Note the 2 sided spillway and spa seat approx 500mm below water level.

We design most of our spas to be 4m² in size, approximately 2m x 2m in internal water dimensions. Spa water depth is usually set at 900mm. Seat width is usually 500mm with a water depth over the seat of approximately 500mm as well. In a 4m² spa we usually fit a 3 sided seat to the dimensions as above. We always fully tile spas.

Spa Equipment

Designated Jet pumps and plumbing – A 2.0hp jet pump with high flow plumbing lines can run up to 6 jets in a spa effectively. Filtration systems can’t run jets in spas at the level of effectiveness customers expect from their spa jets.   

Blower grids in floor of spa operated by 6 Amp blower ( pls note we fit 8 x 25mm outlets in spa floor not one or two like some builders. Fitting only one or two often creates a volcanoe like effect.

Large capacity 350-420MJ gas heater – Large capacity spa heaters allow quick turn around times for heating spas in the middle of winter (usually 20 minutes to heat to 38ºC). We generally use a heater that has stainless steel burners for added durability and robust construction.

Pool/Spa control systems – We can install a functional control system that you can control from your Smart Device. It combines both pool and spa equipment, allowing you to control it through a single device.