What is a realistic pool project budget?

Advising clients on budgets is a double edge sword. Many pool builders start low then work the price up as customers become accustomed to the volume of spend required.

A starting point for an in-ground pool and landscape budget inclusive of base pool, services, pool fence and paving surround is $60k.

A workable budget is probably nudging $80k.

A realistic budget is probably $100k.

If these numbers seem confronting here is an approximate breakdown of the costs associated with building a pool and pool surround:

Fixed Charges

In-Ground Pool
Fully tiled 9m x 4m pool with all the standard features as previously outlined
Glass Pool Fence
15 lineal metres
Pool Paving Surround
35 sqm finished in large format stone on concrete base
Pool Services
Including 20 amps of 240-volt power and backwash connection
Miscellaneous Costs
Reinstatement of lawn, plants etc.
Total $80k

Possible other charges

Sewer and Stormwater Diversions
Required where these run through the pool area
Excess Formwork Charges
Due to soil cave-ins or poor soil conditions
$0.5 – 4k
Rock Excavation
Very unlikely to hit rock
$1 – 8k
Total $4.5 – 15k

For more specifics on how much your specific pool project budget might be, check out our pool Prices Calculator.