Ashburton Pools

At Momentum Pools, we design and build numerous pools throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and Southern suburbs, and all the way down to the Mornington Peninsula. Our Ashburton pools are a prime example of the kinds of results you can expect with us.

Young families wanting to invest in quality of life is who we find to make up a large portion of our customer base. They want to give their kids a new pool to enjoy, what we have all come to know as, the young Australian outdoor lifestyle. Local pools used to be the hub of activity wherever you went. Cannonballs and belly flops were the key to a good time. So why not bring it to the family home!

Recently, established suburbs such as Ashburton are growing at a large rate with new housing popping up everywhere. With all of these new homes, come a lot of new families looking to start their lives together. 


Below are some examples of our Ashburton pools.

The Entertainer’s Pool

A photo of a pool in Ashburton.

Here we have a pool/spa that makes for an excellent place to unwind especially when taking into account the outdoor kitchen and dining area. It has a full width bench/step combination at one end, while also supplying a shallowed bench area at the deep end of the pool.

The bluestone tiles surrounding the pool are complimented by the glass tile finish on the raised spa which is in prime location to dip in and out of between socialising in the dining area. The fully frameless glass fencing keeps the area unrestricted and open to the rest of the yard.

This all makes a great spot for a swim and a barbecue with friends and family!

Check out more photos here.

The Compact Pool

A photo of a swimming pool design in Ashburton

Not all pools are built in the backyard. This pool was built along the side of the home in a cul de sac formed by the unusual layout of the property. The pool was designed to fit the space, through maximising the total swimming area whilst avoiding expensive costs in relation to underpinning the home. As a result 100% of the client’s budget went into the usable area (the pool and pool surround). The clients not only gained a pool, they gained an outdoor entertaining and living area – in what was otherwise an unused portion of the property.

The pool features full length bench seats which run along the pathed edge of the pool for ease of access to maximise efficiency in the tight space.
A raised wall with Alpine stone cladding runs along the opposite side and contrasts nicely with the light tiling surrounding the pool. Deep blue Amalfi ceramic mosaic tiles cover the interior of the pool, adding a great pop of colour to the area.

Look at more photos and specifications here.

The Summer Pool

A photo of a family orientated pool in Ashburton.

These clients wanted a pool for their young family to “spend their summers around”. The 10m x 5m fully tiled pool and 4 sqm spa has become the neighbourhood pool with its open plan layout and ease of viewing from the home’s living areas; designed to allow parents line of sight viewing as well as becoming the focal point of the home.

Family is the key word when it comes to this pool. There is a large tiled area next to the pool as a place for parents to watch and relax by the water. The large format Chinese bluestone tiling surrounding the pool keeps great contrast with the light blue interior Amalfi ceramic mosaic tiles, which themselves add an elegant balance of colour to the yard, complementing the green of the lawn past the frameless glass fencing.

This is a great example of one of our family orientated Ashburton pools. More details and specifications here.

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