Our Philosophy

We believe our customers want value for money and this we understand to mean, quoting works in such a way as to provide a comprehensive, information rich process – which gives the client the feeling they are being consulted and not sold to. Our quoting process often involves two or more site visits by us, 3D imaging of proposed pool works and finally a detailed quote with fixed pricing for all works other than rock and formwork charges.

We don’t price pools at the first visit and then present the price to the customer, expecting them to sign on the spot. Our process is tailored to the client’s needs, taking into account the best use of resources – and you need time to consider our proposal. So the process is prompt but always considered.

After the purchase of your home, deciding to build an in-ground swimming pool will probably be the next biggest financial commitment you make. So if another company can quote your in-ground pool on the spot and then expect you to sign a contract as well, what are they considering: the sale… or your project?

We believe customers expect to deal with a singular point of contact – so the person who sells you the pool will be the one who manages and implements all construction works. This provides a continuity of service and a singular point of contact that customers usually prefer.