Will a pool add value to my home?

It’s very easy to speculate on just how much a pool adds value to a property. Especially when as a pool builder it’s to your own profound advantage to talk up your industry. I am not sure of the value and numbers as a percentage of house price etc. but I have observed the following actions within the property marketplace:

  • If a house is being sold and if it has even a half decent pool and outdoor entertaining area then a picture of the pool will be front and centre on the advertising board placed at the front of the property.
  • Display homes built by builders nearly always have pools that are disproportionately valued against the homes they are built alongside. By this I mean $250k kit homes for Porter Davis often have $100k pools in the backyard. Upmarket prestige display homes always have pools.
An expensive pool in a cheaper package home

Case in point, this home and in-ground pool built by Porter Davis in outer suburban Pakenham. This relatively humble home is fitted with the sort of pool and outdoor entertaining area – normally seen in Melbourne’s leafy Eastern suburbs.

I think I can explain my observances as per the following: pools don’t have an intrinsic value. Their value is extrinsic and aspirational. They represent a view of how life should be lived with a never ending summer – right in your own backyard. So by purchasing a house with an already existing in-ground pool or buying a home as a result of viewing a display home – you can aspire to the dream, a piece at a time.