What type of pool fence do I fit? I like glass but don’t want to spend my spare time cleaning it?

Glass fences have become increasingly popular as they tend to showcase pools rather than fence them in as is the case with commonly used metal pool fencing. The increased demand and cheaper sources of supply (notably Chinese glass suppliers), mean that glass pool fencing of excellent quality can be fitted and supplied for about $500/lineal metre- slightly more than double the price of metal pool fencing (approx. $200 / Lm).

In terms of cleaning I have always felt that a dirty glass fence looks better than a clean metal fence – easily. If you feel compelled to clean your windows regularly, semi regularly or never at all then this would be a pretty effective indicator of how often you may feel the urge to clean your pool fence. Cleaning a glass pool fence of average size 12 – 15 sqm would take approx. 15 mins for a window cleaner – much like the shopfront of a small shop. Nobody ever seems to ask about cleaning a metal fence – I guess this is because in choosing a metal fence you have already sacrificed the aesthetics of your pool and no point highlight them.

We only install glass fences… I like glass! But our clients are welcome to use whatever type of fencing they choose.